10 Tips from our Tipsters

We work hard to join the Best Tipsters all over the world.

     Here Our Pro Tipsters gine some General Advices for Betting

  1. Bet to Win not for Fun.
  2. Never bet more than 5% of your bankroll.
  3. Select Odds between 1.80-2.20. 
  4. Track your betting selections .
  5. Focus on 3-4 Leagues ,watch many games and read all the news before and after the games. 
  6. Get informed about betting by few but reliable websites.
  7. Do not panic if you are on a losing run and do not be enthusiastic in a winning run.
  8. Avoid to bet on your favorite teams.
  9. Lock your profit on live betting when the game give you the option.
  10. Watch the games that you have bet and change your selection if the game is much different from what you have been waiting for. 

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