Betting F.A.Q.


What is

  • is the N° 1 professional sports tipsters' website. We are not a bookmaker, we are a commercial website that sells betting advice, known as "picks" or "tips". We work hard and we look all over the world at every tipster league, Newspapers and try to find the Best Tipsters for our customers.
  • We consider the sports betting market as investors and not as gamblers. We enjoy only if WE WIN.
  • Since 98% of sports bettors lose money, they definitely need help with starting to make profits.
  • So, we have selected the professional punters that are a part of the 2% of winning bettors.
  • Every day, our Tipsters post betting advice and  tips that will help you to make profits.
Can I try to be a tipster in bet-tipsters ?
  • You can try to get into our tipster team if you are professional tipster with experience and good records and after a trial period when we must valuated your tips . For more information complete our forms and we contact you next day .
How can I see the tips from the tipsters I register.
  • There are two ways to check your tips . Via email , the tipster send to you an email notification about all the posted tips and via our website . When you login you can see all the tips from the tips you have bought.
Are there records from the tipsters tips.
  • Of course , there are records for all the tips and the same time one clear analysis where you can see the tipster selection results .
How do you calculate the Yield, ROI, Hit Rate and Profit of an analyst?
  • YIELD: Ratio between your profit during a given period & total stakes during this period. This is the measurement of your performance per bet – the best measurement available.
  • ROI: ROI is the return on investment, it is the ratio between your profit during a given period and your initial bank. We chose a flat stake of 5% of the initial bank and an initial bank of € 2 000, therefore our average stake is € 100.
  • HIT RATE: % of winning picks VS total number of picks. 

  • TIPS PER MONTH ( Tips p/m): The total number of picks provided per month.

  • PROFITS: This is the total profit from advised prices and advised stakes. Profit = final bank - initial bank. 
  • AVERAGE ODDS: Is the average of the tips odds . For example if tipster give three tips with prices 1.9 , 1.85 , 2,10 the average odds is  : (1.9+1.85+2.1)/ 3 = 1.95 .
What mean 1 X 2 , over and under 2,3 or 3,5 goals , HT-FT , Correct Score , GG , NG , DNB ?

1x2 Full time result : Is the selection of the 90 min result of the game and can be 1 ( home team win ) X ( Draw ) 2 ( Away team win )

Over and under 2,5 or 3,5 goals : Is the selection about the total number of goals in one game.

Half time- Full time : Is the selection of double result in one game . The first sign is for the first half and the second for the full time. Foe Exb  Man utd -stoke X-1 HT-FT . That mean that our selection  is the game first half result to be DRAW and the full time result to be Man utd WIN.

Correct Score : Is the selection of the final score of the game.

GG OR NG : GG means that both of the teams will score in the game and NG means that one or both of the teams will not score in the game.

DNB : That means DRAW NO BET . If we select 1 that mean that if the home win we WIN if the result is DRAW we take back our stake and if the aw